Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas Girl

unique 1st birthday gifts girl

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If you are in search of unique first birthday gift ideas girl, then you will want to check out these 60 gifts! From toys to climbing gear and everything in between you are sure to find the perfect unique 1st birthday gifts girl.

Unique First Birthday Gift Ideas Girl:

This rainbow chameleon features blocks that can be used to stack and create other fun shapes. The child can learn fine motor skills and work on their colors while playing with this pulling toy. 

A fun elephant-themed piano that has animals and numbers keys for the child to press. 

A personalized clock that features different shapes for the 12 numbers. It is a fun way to learn the different parts of a clock. 

one year old stacking toy

A fun twist on the traditional stacking toys, this tower features rattling and fun textures.

A handcrafted bitty bag is the perfect size for your little one. It goes well with a groovy outfit or as a play purse. 

If your one-year-old want to be just like their Mama, then this pretend make-up kit is perfect. They can apply their pretend eye shadow and blush. 

The mini flip is a 3-in-1 ride-on toy. It can be used as a rocker or as a car on wheels. It is a fun way to get some energy out. It is so easy to transform that even kids can do it.

This fun tricycle can transform to grow with the child. And ends with a functioning tricycle at the end. It is a great way to take family walks, as the child can keep up with everyone while a parent pushes. 

This learning activity is a great way to learn about numbers, colors, and clocks. Which makes it a perfect unique 1st birthday gifts girl. 

This colorful handmade doll comes in a variety of colors. She has bendable arms and legs.

These handmade nesting dolls are made from limewood. Kids can learn about spacial awareness and animals while playing with the nesting dolls. 

A fun way to learn about counting at an early age! 

Stimulate your child’s brain with this high-contrasting tear-proof book! The cloth book is washable. 

An 18-inch ballerina cloth doll that is sure to be a cherished toy for years to come. 

Keep crayons organized and ready for use with a butterfly crayon holder. No more crayons rolling away from little hands. 

This personalized duffle bag is the perfect place to store their favorite toys or pack up a set of clothes for a stay at Grandma’s house. 

This soft rainbow playset looks nice in a playroom and comes apart to offer places for little ones to climb and get some energy out. 

Let little hands help you in the kitchen with the assistance of a kitchen helper. This adjustable piece of furniture will allow kids to be at the perfect height to help out in the kitchen. 

A set of 7 wooden ocean animals that are made to last. Kids can stack them or create their own little ocean experience with them. 

This beautiful hand-made cat doll comes with a removable dress. And would look so cute on a shelf in a child’s room or it can be played with.

Choose from a variety of doll options including hair/skin color and different clothing options to make this doll a special gift for any child. 

Get kids out in nature and searching for insects or other items to look at through their very own magnifying glass. It is sure to be a fun learning experience and a fun unique first birthday gift ideas girl. 

Get those little fingers moving with this fun little animal threading set. It includes thread, wooden animals and a cloth bag.

Personalize a pillow for the birthday child! You can choose from various fonts and sequin colors. 


Little kids love to dance, and these dance ribbons will add some extra fun to their dance time. You can also personalize the handles of the ribbon!

A beautifully crafted bracelet that includes the option of adding a letter charm and a gift bag for the bracelet. 

Have a great grandma in heaven, then your loved little one needs this bodysuit! I hope you are enjoying the unique 1st birthday gifts girl ideas.

Create some music with these 3 wooden animal music toys. The three-piece set includes a bear rattle, a llama with clacking blankets, and a noise-making hedgehog with guiro on the back.

This silicone avocado tower is an open-ended building toy, designed to allow children to use their creativity. This versatile, educational toy will encourage hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills

This 15-inch soft stuffed bunny is sure to become their new favorite lovie. With his long ears and weighted arms and legs, he is the perfect stuffed animal to cuddle up with. 

Let them unleash their love of baking while cutting back on the mess. This toddler-sized apron will help keep their clothes a bit cleaner. 

Start their daily routines while they are still young. This personalized routine chart is cute yet functional. 

Display all their beautiful artwork with this “look what ____ made” sign. There are clips to hold up their artwork.

These beautiful musical carousels are the perfect keepsake for your little one. They are made from beech wood and sing a sweet tune. Choose between horses or ballerinas and can be personalized with a name. 

If you have a tiny dancer then this little dancer leotard is the perfect gift! It is one of the cutest unique first birthday gift ideas girl.

Light up their room at night with this personalized nightlight. Choose one of their designs or send them a design of your own. 

If you are looking for a classic gift, then this shape sorter is the way to go. Children love trying to figure out how to get the shapes inside. 

Never lose your kids cups again, with theses personalized cups. Choose from 3 different tumbler options and several ballerina styles. 

Keep their clothes clean while painting with this bright art apron. The apron has 2 pockets on the front, and has not strings which makes it easy to put on. 

Young kids love pouring stuff! And this set of 2 wooden cups with handles is the perfect set to let them explore. They feature the perfect-sized handle for little hands. 

Get the kids outside to garden with this garden set. It comes in either blue or pink.

This adorable swing is handmade in small batches. It is perfect for kids up to four years old. 


one year old ball pit

Skip the bright-colored ball pits, and get this beautiful grey pit. Choose from a large variety of ball colors. The cloth on the ball pit can be removed and washed. 

This kitchen cutting set is designed specifically for little hands! Get them soft foods to chop up (bananas, bread…)

Kids love picking flowers, and this flower holder is the best way to display them. There are small holes where the flower stems can be placed. 

Three soft woolen dinsoaurs that are sure to provide hours of imaginative play.

Have your little chef whip up some playdough apple pies. This kit includes a pie box, a pastry roller, a rolling pin, pie tins, and 4 containers of playdough. 

6 beechwood farm animals, a barn, and a tree come in this handpainted set. It will provide time for the child’s own imaginative play. 

Kids can rock in this arch or flip it over for a climbing structure. There are a variety of pillow designs available. 

Get ready for a tea party with this adorable white, pink and gold tea set. 

A bright set of colorful crayons that can be customized into any name. They are the perfect size for little hands to color with. 

These stepping stones can feature your child’s name, the whole alphabet, shapes, or numbers. You choose what you want them to display and then your child can explore them 

Let your little one paint their own necklace, they will be proud of their beautiful creation!

Let some energy out with this play slide. Use it indoors or out, it is the perfect size for a one-year-old.

Learn to count with these number cards with accompanying counting balls. 

Perfect for use at the beach or in a sandbox. 

Help them learn about emotions with a personalized book featuring them as the main character. They will learn about 11 feelings and how to recognize them. 

A sweet little set that will let them know they are loved. This set can also be customized with add-on or replacement items. 

Enjoy taking the kids out on a walk while they ride in this stylish car. The car is available in pink, white, red and blue.

Get your little one their very own dish set. They will be proud to be eating off their new big kid dishes. 

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unique first birthday ideas girl


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