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Valentines Day for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a time to express affection and love to those who hold a special place in our hearts. If you’re a loving parent, you surely want to make your children feel loved and appreciated on this special day. There’s no better way to do this than by creating a cherished moment between you and your beloved little ones. Valentine’s Day for kids is all about creating memories!

Saran Wrap Game

Have you heard of the saran wrap game? We have the perfect saran wrap ball game gift ideas and the rules for this popular game!

Our family loves gathering for holidays and birthdays. We also love games. So last year we started the saran wrap game yearly tradition. We do our game for both kids and adults. And if we get a prize we don’t want, we trade at the end. If the kids win something they can’t have, they must find someone to trade with.

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