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20+ Softball Coach Gifts

softball coach gifts

After the perfect season, you will want to check out these softball coach gifts! Our softball coach gift ideas are also perfect for holiday gifts as well.

Softball Coach Gifts

What is a nice gift for a coach?

For coaches, I love giving useful gifts, such as drinking glasses, clipboards or blankets. Or for something they will treasure for seasons to come a plaque is always appreciated. 

How much is appropriate for a coach gift?

There is no correct answer to this question. It comes down to how much your family can afford and how much the coach means to your child. For the typical family anywhere from $15-75 would be a good budget for softball coach gifts. 

Do you give high school coaches gifts?

It is not necessary but appreciated to give gifts to people in your children’s life that make a difference. Often times high school coaches can make big impacts in their lives. I love to give a small token of appreciation to those hardworking high school coaches. Depending on my budget it may be a small treat, or a custom gift created just for them. 


coach photo collage

Custom Photo Collage

Put all the seasons photos to use with a fun photo collage. The coach will enjoy looking at all the photos you have collected over the season. 

softball coach sign

Good Coach Sign

This coaching sign is in a stunning rustic frame, that any coach would be honored to hang in their office or in their home. And the beautiful message will make the coach know the difference they have made in your child’s life. 

Coach Sign with Marker to Sign

This coach plaque is the perfect gift from an entire team. Each player can sign their own names and write the coach a little message. Then the plaque can proudly be displayed on a desk or shelf.

Personalized Bat

Your favorite coach can display this mini bat on their shelves. Add a quote or a funny saying that your coach is known for. 


because i coach beer mugs

Because I Coach Softball Beer Glass

Pair these wine and beer glasses with your favorite drinks and place them in a nice gift box for fun softball coach gift ideas. 

custom coach water bottle

Custom Softball Coach Gifts Water Bottle

With awesome graphics and a marker style font, this custom water bottle will be a treasured item that the coach can use in everyday life. 

best coach ever gift set

Best Coach Ever Cup

If you know the best coach ever, then they deserve to receive this mug with straw, and whistle set. It is the best way to say thanks if you are looking for softball coach gifts. 


Custom Engraved Softball

Personalize a softball with a custom message! Place the softball on a cute stand and you have one of the best softball coach gifts.

softball earrings with tassels

Softball Earrings

All the female coaches will love these stunning softball fringe earrings. The little wooden gems feature just the right pops of color. 

coach keychain

Coach Keychain

Say thanks to your favorite coach with a keychain. They can put their coaching keys on this ring, and know they are making a difference in this world, one player at a time.

softball coach gifts - softball roses

Ball Roses

For a truly unique gift, how about some handmade softball and baseball roses! It is sure to be a gift that your coach has never received before. 

softball coach gift ideas - infinity softball bracelet

Infinity Softball Bracelet

This softball gift can show the coaches endless love of softball. It features an infinity sign and braided strands that come together in a stunning design. 

Funny Softball Coach Gifts

softball coach gift ideas - softball coach planner

Funny Coach Planner

If your coach has a sense of humor, they will get a kick out of this funny day planner. They can pencil all the big games and practices for the season. 

softball coach gifts - coach socks

Coach Socks

Every great coach needs some down time, and they can do so in style with these off duty coaching socks. And the best part, is that they will actually use this gift. 


custom coach blanket

Custom Coach Blanket

Give them a gift they can cuddle up with every night! Add the coach’s name and the team’s name to this fluffy blanket, that they will be able to use for years to come. 

coach's last nerve candle

Coach’s Last Nerve Candle

For the coach’s that have had a rough year or one that needs a laugh, get them this funny candle. And they can watch their last nerve go up in flames.

softball coach gifts - softball ornaments

Softball Ornaments

If they holidays are coming, then why not give the gift of a softball ornament, that the coach can hang on their Christmas tree!

On the Job

coach clipboard

Custom Coach Clipboard

Your favorite coach will never lose their clipboards again! This treasure item will hold their playbook for years to come. 

personalized softball coach whistle

Personalized Whistle

This stunning whistle can be customized with team name, sport icon and coach’s name. Any coach would be honored to wear this around their neck. 

softball coach gift ideas - messenger bag

Personalized Coach Messenger Bag

Your favorite coach can add their playbooks to custom messenger bag. The high-quality black bag is embroidered with the coach’s name and a softball. 

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softball coach gift ideas


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20+ Softball Coach Gifts

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