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saran wrap game ideas

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Have you heard of the saran wrap game? We have the perfect saran wrap ball game gift ideas and the rules for this popular game!

Our family loves gathering for holidays and birthdays. We also love games. So last year we started the saran wrap game yearly tradition. We do our game for both kids and adults. And if we get a prize we don’t want, we trade at the end. If the kids win something they can’t have, they must find someone to trade with. 

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Saran Wrap Game Prizes

saran wrap game
saran wrap game prizes

So you may be wondering, “What am I supposed to put in this ball?” The answer, almost anything small can be used as saran wrap game prizes 

Here’s what went in ours – A lot of Dollar Tree items

  • lottery tickets
  • candy
  • lip gloss
  • deodorant
  • small shampoos
  • small wine
  • hair ties
  • small washcloths
  • crackers
  • face wipes
  • earbuds
  • and much more!

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    How To Make A Saran Wrap Ball

    Find a prize or two that you want to be in the center of your ball. And start wrapping around it. Every once in a while add another prize. 

    saran wrap game prizes

    Rip the Saran Wrap every few feet. And then start a new peice of Saran wrap going in a different direction. This will make the game a little more tricky, because you will need to find the edge of the wrap. 

    Keep going until you have used up all the prizes and the ball is as large as you want. You can vary the game by adding extra layers of Saran Wrap around a prize. Or putting a few prizes together. 

    saran wrap ball game gift ideas

    We used two rolls of Saran Wrap on our ball. You can choose to make the prizes expensive or more budget-friendly. Colored Saran Wrap can also add a little more color to the game. 

    saran wrap game

    How Do You Play The Saran Wrap Ball Game

    Have everyone gather in a circle. One player starts with the ball and the person to the right starts with two dice. The person with the dice shakes until they get a double. The person with the ball needs to find the edge and unwrap until the other person gets a double. Any prizes that fall out are then won.

    saran wrap game


    • No ripping the Saran Wrap
    • Prizes must fall out to be claimed
    • No pulling on the end of the Saran wrap and then shaking it on the floor to unroll the ball


    saran wrap ball game gift ideas

    How Long Does The Saran Wrap Game Last?

    The Saran Wrap game usually lasts 10 minutes. But can vary by the amount of Saran Wrap used, the ages of players, and the variation you play. 

    Saran Wrap Ball Game Variations

    There are many variations of this game. We like to play the above version and have not tried the following. Leave a comment below if you have tried the variations and how they worked for you. 

    Oven Mitt Gift Unwrapping Game

    This game is played just like the original Saran Wrap game, except the person unwrapping the ball wears oven mitts or mittens. This makes the game last longer and more difficult, and there may be some hilarious moments in the game.

    No Dice Game

    Play just like the original version, except instead of the dice use music. Think musical chairs. 

    Saran Wrap Ball Alternative

    Instead of Saran Wrap try using socks, old shirts, old sheets cut into strips. And then pin the fabric with safety pins. You would need to wear oven-mitts to make this version tricky. 



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