Raising Responsible Children

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It is important for children to learn responsibility at an early age. Start as early as possible with your children. Be sure to praise your children, as they accomplish different tasks. They will get great joy from contributing to the family. Consider making a chore chart, to keep track of the chores your child has completed.

At my house we make it a game every Saturday morning. I make a list of all the chores that need to get done. Then my two daughters and I take turns picking a job until all the jobs are taken. By doing this, I give the children choice in what chores they will be doing. But everyone knows their chores must be completed by lunchtime.

Or you could have a chore chart, and they can earn a sticker for completing their tasks.

Below you will find chores appropriate for each age group.

AGES 2-3

o Pick up their toys

o Wipe up small messes

o Put dirty clothes in hamper

o Dust

o Fold dish cloths

o Put clothes away into drawers

o Put away silverware

AGES 4-6

o Feed a pet

o Set the table

o Put dirty dishes in sink

o Match socks

o Sweep

o Water plants

o Pull weeds

o Make a small snack

o Put away groceries

o Make bed

o Clean up their room

o Fold small laundry items

o Empty trashes

AGES 7-10

o Fold laundry

o Sweep

o Get mail

o Vacuum

o Help wash car

o Water plants

o Take out trash

o Meal prep

AGES 11+

o Wash dishes

o Unload dishwasher

o Take trash to curb

o Mop floors

o Mow yard

o Pack lunches

o Clean bathroom

o Clean out the fridge

o Supervise siblings

o Wash windows

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