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Personalized 1st Birthday Gifts

personalized first birthday gifts

Personalized 1st birthday gifts are a special way to show your love for a baby’s first year of life. These gifts can be toys, accessories, blankets and so much more! Be sure to let me know what your favorite personalized first birthday gifts are!

Personalized 1st Birthday Gifts:

personalized first birthday gifts busy board

Personalized Busy Board

Keep any one-year-old busy with this board full of 10 interactive elements. It comes in pink, blue or khaki. Kids will have fun while also working on their fine motor skills while playing with this busy board. 

personalized first birthday gifts hair brush set

Hairbrush Set

This set comes with three hairbrush utensils all engraved with your little one’s name or other special message. There are also optional blanket and pacifier add-ons for this gift. 

toddler name book

Zoo Alphabet Book

This zoo alphabet book is customized with your child’s name and you can choose a boy or girl character (with a variety of different skin tones) that best represents your child. 

one year old bunny purse

Bunny Purse

A cute mini cross body purse that is the perfect size for a little one. The beads on the side of the bag are personalized with the name of your choosing. 

1 year old name bunny

Bunny Doll

Choose a blue or pink bunny to personalize with a name. Any little one would love to receive these as personalised 1st birthday gifts. 

toddler piggy bank

Hand Painted Piggy Bank

If you are searching for the perfect personalized 1st birthday gifts, then this hand painted piggy bank is just the gift you need!


1 year old nursery rhymes

Personalized Nursery Rhymes

This classic book of nursery ryhmes is beautifully illustrated. Your child’s name and a special message are on the first page of this book, that is available in a wide variety of book bindings. 

name sippy cup one year old

Custom Sippy Cups

Don’t let the sippy cups get confused with other kids and get these personalized cups. The fun and colorful designs are sure to be loved by the kids. 

1 year old gift basket

Gift Basket with Name

A cute basket that can be filled with items the little one loves. And then it can be used for a toy bin after the big day. Choose from a variety of font styles and colors. 

personalized 1st birthday gifts name hat

Signature Hat

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personalized 1st birthday gifts stacking snail

Snail Stacking Toy

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personalized 1st birthday gifts bear backpack

Teddy Bear Backpack

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personalized 1st birthday gifts cup and bowl set

Engraved Dining Set

This bamboo dining set comes in a variety of colors and you can choose the design of the set as well. The set is then personalized with your child’s name!

personalized 1st birthday gifts semi truck

Semi Truck

Your child’s name and a special icon can be added to this semi-truck. Although your little one may be too little to play with this truck, it would look stunning on a shelf in their room for now!

personalized 1st birthday gifts elephant

Personalized Elephant

How cute is this personalized 1st birthday elephant? It comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.

1 year old name bracelet

Name Blanket

Personalize a blanket for the little one. These soft blankets come in a wide variety of colors and you can choose your text style. 

one year old god's promises

God’s Promises Book

This board book comes with an engraved name on the front cover. It includes 7 promises from God with the corresponding bible verse. 

one year old birthday shirt

Personalized Bodysuit

Let the world know for the entire first year of their life that they are officially one year old with this adorable shirt. 


toddler activity vehicle

Vehicle Toy Chest

This handmade bin is perfect for holding a few toys and is also on wheels. Customize this cute vehicle by adding your child’s name to the license plate. 

toddler name plate

Personalized Birthday Plate

Make this personalized birthday plate a tradition in your house. Every year on their birthday week, they get to eat from this special plate. 

one year old pearl bracelet

Keepsake Pearl Bracelet

Give the one-year-old her first pearls, with this hand-stamped pearl bracelet. It includes Swarovski crystals as well!

personalised 1st birthday gifts bear musical instrument

Teddy Bear Xylophone

This personalized xylophone is sure to get a lot of use. Kids love making music so these personalised 1st birthday gifts won’t disappoint. 

personalised 1st birthday gifts name puzzle stool

Name Puzzle Stool

Get this fun stool in primary or pastel colors and the name can be up to 8 letters long. A special message can also be added to the underside of the stool. 

personalised 1st birthday gifts safari animal set

Wooden Safari Set

This colorful and fun-filled set will keep kids entertained for hours while they voyage through the jungle to see what animals they can collect along the way.


personalised 1st birthday gifts bunny stacker toy

Bunny Stacking Toy

Not only will this toy look adorable in any kid’s room or nursery, but it will also develop the child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

personalised 1st birthday gifts vehicle puzzle

Wooden Car Puzzle

With five large pieces, this wooden puzzle is great for small hands and helps children to develop hand-eye coordination.

personalised 1st birthday gifts musical instruments

Personalized Wooden Bells

Give your little one hours of enjoyment and stimulating entertainment with these animal-shaped wooden hand bells.

personalized first birthday gifts crown

Embroidered Crown

This birthday crown is not only a beautiful accessory for your child’s first birthday celebration, but also a cherished keepsake that can be passed down for generations to come. 

personalized first birthday gifts star nightlight

Star Nightlight

These unique star maps use locations, dates, and times to calculate the celestial location of stars and constellations at that moment and then are projected onto the night light. It is a unique way to celebrate a 1st birthday.

personalized first birthday gifts letter piggy bank

Personalized Piggy Bank

This handcrafted organic oak piggy bank comes in 2 sizes with an acrylic front that can be engraved and personalized for your little one


one year old plate set

Grown-Up Tableware

This dining set is created to make toddlers fell like they are eating with the big kids. They are designs for little mouths and hands. 

toddler name book

Personalized ABC Book

Personalize the character in this cute ABC book and then let your child learn about the ABC while they are immersed in the book. 

one year old name sorter

Name Abacus

The fun learning toy will help them learn the letters in their name, along with counting and fine motor skills. 

1 year old name train

Name Train

This name train would make a cute room decoration, and then when they are a little older, they can have fun playing with this cute wooden train. 

toddler name puzzle

Personalized Animal Puzzle

Create a custom-made puzzle for your little one! There are a variety of animal and theme choices to choose from. Also, a stand can be purchased for the puzzle to display the puzzle on a shelf. 

star nightlight for 1 year old

Name Nightlight

This stunning night light comes in a variety of themes and is personalized with your chid’s name. 

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personalized 1st birthday gifts


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Personalized 1st Birthday Gifts

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