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22 Mushroom Gifts that Every Mushroom Lover Needs!

mushroom gifts

If you’re looking for unique gifts for that special someone in your life who loves all things mushroom-related, we’ve got you covered! Our collection of mushroom gift ideas is sure to inspire and delight any fan of these fungi. From mushroom-themed kitchen accessories to mushroom-shaped home decor, there’s something for everyone. You can find gifts that celebrate the beauty and diversity of mushrooms in all their shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether your loved one enjoys cooking with mushrooms or simply admires them for their unique texture and flavor, we have plenty of gifts for mushroom lovers. So why not give the gift of mushrooms today and show your appreciation for the wonderful world of fungi?

Mushroom Gifts:

gifts for mushroom lovers wall hanging

Hanging Mushroom Sculpture

This exquisite hanging mushroom sculpture is handcrafted with natural wood and intricate hand-painted details. Add a touch of rustic charm to their living space and create an inviting atmosphere. It’s a perfect gift choice for nature lovers and art enthusiasts.

mushroom gifts neon light

Neon Sign

Get an adorable and unique mushroom-themed LED neon sign that creates a 3D wall art effect. It’s perfect as a thoughtful gift for a special friend, adding joy and light to any space.

mushroom gifts glass mushroom

Floral Mushroom Jars

This amazing resin mushroom jar is made with high-quality materials like moss, flowers, and gold foil flakes for a unique and stunning design. It’s perfect as a gift for nature lovers and is a unique decoration. Add some charm and elegance to any room with this enchanting piece of art.

mushroom gift ideas glass mushroom

Glass Mushroom Propagation Vase

Decorate their home with these mushroom bud vases, available in 5 colors and made of fine glass with unique shapes. They can use them as a decorative item, centerpiece or charming home accent for small flowers. Perfect gift for nature-lovers.


fungi nightlight

Mushroom Nightlight

Get the perfect gift for any mushroom lover – this mushroom-shaped nightlight dome! They provide a soft glow perfect for any room and add a fun touch to any space. The whimsical lamp is a unique mushroom gift that they will love!

mushroom gifts mushroom statue

Mushroom Sculpture

Check out this handmade mushroom sculpture! Made from high-quality Jempinis wood, it’s charming and realistic. Perfect for rustic home decor. Give this gift so they can experience its natural beauty!

fungi lovers hoop earrings

Mushroom Hoop Earrings

Find the perfect gift for outdoorsy people with these stylish mushroom hoop earrings. They’re boho-chic, and add nature-inspired charm to any outfit. These earrings make a great mushroom gift.

mushroom gift ideas ring

Mushroom Ring

Find the perfect gift for a mushroom fan with this sterling silver adjustable ring! Featuring an intricate and charming mushroom design, this ring will add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. It is both stylish and durable. A must-have for any mushroom lover, this ring is the perfect addition to their collection.


gifts for mushroom lovers glasses

Mushroom Sunglasses

Check out these mushroom sunglasses! They’re unique, quirky, and functional – perfect for sunny days. With quality materials and a funky design, they protect eyes from UV rays and make a statement anywhere they go. They’re a great conversation starter which makes them the perfect mushroom themed gift!

mushroom gifts dangle bracelet

Mushroom Dangle Necklace

This exquisite mushroom dangle necklace, features six brilliantly crafted beads that showcase vibrant colors and intricate details. This stunning jewelry piece adds a unique touch to any outfit, making it a special and thoughtful present for any occasion.

fungi tea cup

Mushroom Handmade Ceramic Mug

This mushroom mug is a luxury gift idea, boasting 24k real gold that contrasts with the white earthenware. The unique red color mimics a mushroom in the forest and delicate golden dots add decoration. The design is realistic and promises happiness in every sip.

fungi tumbler

Mushroom Tumbler

With its charming mushroom print, this functional and stylish mug is a great gift for mushroom enthusiasts. The sturdy insulation materials keep their drink hot or cold, ensuring optimal temperature. Don’t settle for a plain mug, showcase theri love for mushrooms with this delightful tumbler mug.


gifts for mushroom lovers adults coloring book

Mushroom Coloring Book

Stress Relieving Mushrooms Coloring Book – Perfect mushroom gift ideas for fungi enthusiasts. Single-sided pages for hours of creative expression and relaxation.

mushroom gifts notebook

Fungi Notebook

This 6″x8″ notebook is perfect for on the go, with 240 pages to collect theri thoughts. Featuring beautiful collage art by Amy Ross, it’s a great mushroom gift idea for nature lovers and writers alike.

mushroom gifts stickers

Mushroom Stickers

Gift these durable vinyl mushroom stickers to decorate water bottles, laptops, luggage, and more. They are waterproof, anti-wrinkling, and have a seamless adhesive. You can paste them multiple times without leaving residue. These stickers make perfect gifts for mushroom lovers of all ages and can add a touch of personality to their belongings.

mycophile lovers sticker

Mushroom Sticker

Gift a mushroom sticker and let them proudly display their passion for fungi! It can be put on laptops, water bottles or notebooks. It will let the world know their love for mushrooms.


gifts for mushroom lovers foraging calendar

Mushroom Foraging Calendar

Get Cat Tween’s watercolor prints of 28 North American edible and medicinal mushrooms on 12.5 x 12.5 inch matte cardstock. Includes scientific and common names, botanical illustrations, and seasonal harvesting timeline. Ideal for mushroom enthusiasts, foragers, and hikers to use as a resource or for inspiration.”

mushroom gifts forager kit

Foraging Kit

Forage in style with this handmade mushroom kit! Includes a zipper case with strap, stainless steel shovel, foraging shears, cutting tool, brush, and three bags. Keep the finds organized in the various bag sizes. Perfect for the forager in your family, and easy to take on adventures.

mushroom gift ideas coffee

Mushroom Coffee

Give the gift of mushroom coffee blend for a delicious and healthy boost. This unique blend combines coffee’s bold flavor with the nourishing benefits of mushrooms, providing a tasty caffeine-packed drink to help boost their immune system and overall well-being. An excellent present for coffee lovers and health enthusiasts alike.

mushroom gift ideas wooden painting kit

Paint Your Own Mushroom Kit

Gift this DIY Painted Mushroom Kit! It comes with wooden mushrooms and 3 paint colors to unleash their creativity. Add natural elements like pinecones and moss for woodland centerpieces on tables or mantles. Gift it to family and friends in the charming box.


fungi plushie

Mushroom Plushie

Gift these cute and cozy mushroom plushies! Made from soft yarn, these cuddly creatures are hypoallergenic and safe for all ages. Choose from different colors, for a unique look. Gift it today to brighten up their day!

mushroom gift ideas hand towel

Funny Mushroom Dish Towel

Looking to gift a fun and functional addition to their kitchen? Check out these funny mushroom dish towels! It’s a great gift for mushroom lovers, featuring a witty “let that shiitake go” message. Add some personality to their kitchen!

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gifts for mushroom lovers

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22 Mushroom Gifts that Every Mushroom Lover Needs!

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