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Luxury 1st Birthday Gifts

luxury 1st birthday gifts

Looking for a luxury 1st birthday gift? Look no further! We have an incredible collection of gifts that will make their special day even more memorable. This collection of luxury items includes strollers, clothing, toys, and many other amazing gifts that are perfect for a first birthday. We have curated only the best quality items that you will love. Your little one deserves nothing but the best and we have got you covered. Whether you are looking for something lavish or stunningly designed, our range of luxury gifts for first birthdays is guaranteed to have something that you and your little one will love. Browse our collection now and find that perfect gift that will make your little one’s first birthday a truly unforgettable occasion!

Luxury 1st Birthday Gifts:

luxury 1st birthday gifts trike stroller

Stroller Trike

The 6-in-1 stroller trike is an amazing device that grows with your child from 9 months and provides different benefits at different stages. It has top-of-the-line safety features such as a 5-point harness and shock absorbers for peace of mind. Give the little one the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and fun!

custom name toy box for 1 year old

Custom Toy Chest

A personalized toy chest can make for a truly breathtaking gift for your beloved little ones. With its expertly crafted design and high-quality build, this toy chest is sure to last years to come. But what truly sets this chest apart is its customizable fabric topping. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality fabrics, each with a unique look and feel, to create a toy chest that truly reflects your loved one’s unique style.

toddler large motor toy

5 in 1 Play Couch

Get a 5-in-1 play couch for your kids, an entertaining, creative and comfortable piece of furniture available in blue, grey, or pink. A couch, a fort or a tunnel builder, this versatile couch is a perfect choice for your child.

cocoon swing for 1 year old

Swing Cocoon

 The swing cocoon is perfect for bedrooms and playrooms, this cozy item adds fun and decor to any living space. The cocoon comes with a soft pillow filled with sheep’s wool or polyester. Create a peaceful atmosphere and a relaxing spot for toddlers. Experience the comfort and joy of this unique home accessory.

fox jacket for one year old

Fox Jacket

Ethically sourced, Made to Order fox jackets for toddlers with hidden pockets, 100% organic cotton, 3 season wear, and generous sizing lasting up to 2 years.

luxury 1st birthday gifts balance beam

Wooden Balance Board

Get a wooden balance beam for a unique gift that helps in a child’s physical development. This sturdy balance board teaches balance and coordination skills at a young age


luxury 1st birthday gifts embroidered jean jacket toddler

Hand Embroidered Jacket

This luxurious, hand-embroidered jacket is the perfect first gift for a little girl. Made with premium materials, it’s not only clothing but a treasured work of art. It’s sure to be cherished and cozy.

luxury 1st birthday gifts toddler chair

Kids Armchair

This armchair offers comfort and support for your one-year-old with its plush, gentle materials and ergonomic design. It’s perfect for nurseries or playrooms and will keep your baby content for hours.

luxury 1st birthday gifts giant busy board

Custom Busy Board

Get a personalized busy board for your child’s 1st birthday! It’s a unique and luxurious gift that helps with your child’s creativity and fine motor skills. Let them explore and have fun!

luxury 1st birthday gifts toddler table

Table & Chair Set

This toddler table and chair set is stylish, durable, and safe. It’s perfect for your little ones, with easy-to-move, child-friendly materials, and neutral colors. It makes playtime enjoyable and is an investment that lasts.

handmade deer doll for toddler

Handmade Deer Doll

Handmade 12″ stuffed woodland animals in premium linen fabric. Soft, timeless, and fun to play with. Perfect luxury 1st birthday gift. Choose from various adorable animal options and outfits.

busy book for one year old

Custom Quiet Book

Get a personalized custom quiet book as a unique and luxury 1st birthday gift. The book is interactive, educational, and provides endless hours of entertainment. Choose the theme and pages to make it unique and the various activities promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory stimulation. It’s a long-lasting gift.


luxury 1st birthday gifts floor bed for one year old

Floor Bed

For a seamless crib-to-bed transition, choose a luxury floor bed. Its low-to-the-ground design offers a safe and stylish sleep and play space. It’s never too early to start the switch, and a luxury floor bed makes it easy. Also, it’s a great first birthday gift that both parents and child will appreciate.

princess activity house for 1 year old

Princess Busy Cube

This busy cube is perfect for curious and playful one-year-olds. It features sliding beads, turning gears, and more, and is built to withstand energetic play. This is the ideal first birthday gift that will entertain and engage your little one. It is a luxurious and fun toy that your child will love for years.

art easel for one year old

Art Easel

Get your child an art easel to inspire creativity, problem-solving skills, and stimulate their artistic abilities. It’s a perfect gift for their 1st birthday and will continue to grow with them.

rocking chair for one year old

Wood Rocker

This sturdy, stylish wooden rocking chair is perfect for toddlers. Made from durable, solid wood, it provides a safe and comfortable space for kids to play and relax, and its timeless design ensures it will last for years to come. It’s an excellent gift for one-year-olds and an exceptional family heirloom.

indoor play ground for one year old

Indoor Playground

Get this sturdy and high-quality wooden indoor playground for toddlers to keep your little ones entertained and active indoors. With a climbing ladder and optional slide, it’s perfect for bedrooms and playrooms and helps develop gross motor skills and coordination.

custom doll wagon for toddler

Wooden Doll Stroller

This luxurious custom baby doll stroller – is perfect for a little girl’s 1st birthday! The stroller is designed for a comfortable ride for dolls. It’s durable, made with high-quality materials, easy to use, and customizable with a name. Encourage imaginative play and give your little girl the gift of style and luxury today!


princess bed for toddler

Wooden House Bed

Give your child a luxurious and cozy house bed on their first birthday, encouraging their imagination and creativity. This thoughtful gift will make them feel pampered and loved while providing a private space for them to retreat to.

1 year old custom doll

Handmade Fabric Doll

Choose from 3 hair options: coral, brown, or orange. Each doll comes with removable wool felt boots and a mini rabbit doll. She’s perfect for imaginative play with removable clothes. Handmade with organic cotton and non-allergenic bamboo stuffing.

red ride on car for toddler

Personalized Race Car

Get a handmade personalized metal ride-on car for your child. Add your child’s name on the side and a ‘number plate’ on the back. Enjoy hours of fun with your child on their very own car.

triangle climber for 1 year old

Triangle Climber

A triangle climber is a unique and fun way for kids to play and develop physically and cognitively, even indoors. Plus, it’ll make parents’ lives easier. Perfect for a kids playroom, for hours of fun

steering wheel toy for one year old

Wooden Car Dashboard

Consider a toy dashboard for a unique and exciting 1st birthday gift. It sparks imagination, mimics a real car’s dashboard, is a great learning tool, and adds a luxury factor. It’s also a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

luxury 1st birthday gifts rainbow wooden puzzle

Wooden Rainbow Puzzle

Get your child this versatile wooden puzzle set featuring a rainbow and an elephant. This open-ended toy promises an educational and enjoyable time for kids, as they can play a variety of games with it over the years.


luxury 1st birthday gifts push wagon for one year old

Wagon Walker

Get the 2-in-1 push cart and walker with Montessori-style design for your child. It promotes natural movement development, balance stabilization, and self-confidence. It also has an open storage area for their toys, blocks, and clothes.

luxury 1st birthday gifts doll for toddler

Heirloom Doll

Buy your child a Le Petit Fox doll! Handmade in Germany with safe fabrics, they come in 2 skin tones and 6 hair colors. Each doll features stitched faces and movable arms and legs. Easy to wash and perfect for adventures, Le Petit Fox dolls make great companions.

luxury 1st birthday gifts climbing dome

Wooden Dome

A climbing dome is the perfect gift for adventurous toddlers! This dome is made from top-quality beech and oak wood, comes in three sizes, and promotes physical activity for creative playtime. It’s a perfect first birthday gift that will remain an all-time favorite for years to come.

cloud rocker for toddler

Cloud Rocker

Spoil your little one with a stylish and comfortable cloud rocker! The luxurious faux fur envelops the seat and body, while the gentle rocking motion promotes relaxation and independence in toddlers. Crafted with sturdy, solid wood, this sweet rocker will become a cherished family keepsake. Perfect for a first birthday present.

bunny stuffed animal for one year old

Rabbit Blabla Doll

18-inch handmade Blabla dolls, made with premium materials in Peru. Choose from 15 different animal options including monkey, bear, cat, or dog. Perfect for a luxury first birthday gift or a cherished companion for your child. Buy yours today!

luxury 1st birthday gifts busy board walker

Activity Walker

Invest in the Asweets Activity Walker for your child’s growth and entertainment. This walker is designed to promote sensory exploration, gross motor development, and imaginative play. Its eye-catching colors and shapes keep your child engaged for hours, making it a perfect addition to any family. Fits crawlers and adventurous toddlers.


luxury 1st birthday gifts busy board for toddler

Busy Board

The ideal 1st birthday gift for toddlers is a luxury activity board with unique designs and interactive activities to keep them engaged. These boards stimulate their senses and develop fine motor skills. The carefully created textures, colors, and shapes make it a cherished item for years to come.

luxury 1st birthday gifts doll for little girl

American Girl Doll

American Girl dolls make a great gift for your child’s 1st birthday. They’re safe, stylish, and have different personalities and stories. Choose from a variety of fashionable dolls that promote learning and aid in social and emotional development. They’re an excellent gift choice for parents, grandparents, or friends.

car storage for toddler

Toy Car Garage

Looking for a fun and sturdy gift for your child? Check out this deluxe toy car garage! With multiple levels, ramps, and parking spaces, it provides endless playtime and storage for their toy cars. The bright colors make it a favorite for years to come!

toddler car storage wall holder

Semi Car Storage Holder

For your kid’s first birthday, gift them a wood car storage holder displaying up to 48 cars. It can be wall-mounted with installation hardware and comes with a sticker game, personalized name, and truck design. It encourages kids to tidy up their toys and learn responsibility.

mansion doll house for one year old

Doll House Mansion

Get the ideal 1st birthday gift for a little girl – a stunning doll house! This toy is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, has multiple floors and a variety of rooms, providing endless possibilities for imaginative play. Order now to give your little girl the gift of endless playtime and exploration!

over the top toddler barn

Hardwood Toy Barn

Get this fully assembled hardwood toy barn for a perfect first birthday gift! It’s made with high quality materials and designed for maximum fun. Your child will be able to immerse themselves in imaginative play with toy animals or solo playtime. The barn is ready to use right out of the box with no assembly required.


luxury 1st birthday gifts ride on toy

Wishbone Flip

The versatile Wishbone Flip toy is perfect for kids aged 1 to 5. This innovative toy transforms easily from a rocker to a push-toy to a ride-on without any tools. Made from plantation birch, it has an adjustable seat height and 4 caster wheels for spinning and drifting. It’s easy to assemble, and provides both gentle rocking and thrilling riding fun all in one toy.

luxury 1st birthday gifts fancy swing

Macrome Swing

Get the Finn + Emma Macrame Swing, handmade from organic cotton and solid wood by artisans. Perfect for babies and toddlers up to 50 lbs. It looks great in any room or yard and will keep your little one entertained.

luxury 1st birthday gifts play kitchen

Kitchen Set

The Milton & Goose Play Kitchen is a sturdy and safe option, made of sustainable Baltic birch and maple wood, available in White and Gray. It’s great for imaginative play, with an extra-large oven, hooks for storage, turning knobs, four burners, a center grill/cutting board, a spacious sink, hot and cold taps, and magnetic door closures.

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Luxury 1st Birthday Gifts

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