Golf Bag Tags – Cool Golf Gifts For Dad

golf bag tags

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Make Dad some golf bag tags, they are easy hand sewing projects for kids! I think it is a cool golf gift for Dad. 

With a few simple supplies, kids can make their Dad a golf bag tag. This project can be done with a single child, or as a classroom activity. 

One of the things I love about this project is the variety of materials it can be made from and supplies can be interchanged. The golf bag tags can be made from a variety of materials, I used faux leather sheets. Some other ideas are felt, leather, or any other semi-rigid fabric. Embroidery floss is used for thread, but experiment with yarn or another cording

A yarn needle has a bigger head and is not as sharp as a regular sewing needle. If making golf bag tags with younger children, I suggest using a yarn needle

easy hand sewing projects for kids

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Kids also love perler beads. Did you know you can make perler beads into decorative bowls? Perler bead bowls are fun and colorful, and so easy to make. 

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cool golf gifts for dad

Easy Hand Sewing Projects For Kids

Do your kids love sewing projects? Check out some of these easy hand sewing projects for kids!

Check Out These Cool Golf Gifts For Dad

golf bag tags

Golf Bag Tags


Directions for the golf bag tags are at the bottom of the page. Keep reading!

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    cool golf gifts for dad

    Print out the golf bag tags (found up above). Cut out two pieces of faux leather following the outer line of the tag outline. One piece of leather is the front and the other will be the back of the tag

    easy hand sewing projects for kids

    Take ONE piece of the faux leather (right side up) and attach the template using sewing clips. Follow the guides of the RED LINES only. Poke a hole using an awl through the faux leather and into the cardboard. Do this for every dot on the red lines.

    cool golf gifts for dad

    Take a length of embroidery floss and thread your yarn needle. I used a single strand and did not double my thread. Tie a knot at the end of the thread, leaving a few-inch tail. Start sewing (leave the tail in the back of the tag). Follow the holes you punched into the leather, going over and under. 

    easy hand sewing projects for kids

    After you have gone through all the holes in each section, double-back the opposite way. This will make a solid thread line. Use the tails on the backside of the tag and tie off the thread when finished with a color.

    cool golf gifts for dad

    Repeat the above two steps until you have finished the designs on your tag. Change embroidery floss colors if you want.

    golf bag tags

    This is a photo of the back of my tag. Trim the tails down after you have tied them. 

    easy hand sewing projects for kids

    Take the front and the back pieces of faux leather (wrong sides together) and the template. Clip them together. Use your awl and poke the holes on the outer border. Make sure to go through both pieces of leather. After you poke the holes, keep the two pieces of leather clipped together but take out the template.

    cool golf gifts for dad

    Tie a knot at the end of your embroidery floss leaving a tail of a few inches. Slightly open up the tag and poke the needle up and thread the floss through one piece of leather (this will hide the floss tail. Then sew over and under all the way around the tag, sewing the two pieces together. I went around a second time so that my tag would have a solid border.

    easy hand sewing projects for kids

    After you are done sewing the tag together, tie a knot close to your tag with the embroidery floss. Tuck your needle in between the two pieces of faux leather and pull the tail through. Clip the extra embroidery floss off.  Poke a hole at the top of your tag and thread a length of ribbon on.

    golf bag tags


    easy hand sewing projects for kids


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