First Birthday Themes Boy

first birthday themes boy

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The first year of you baby’s life flies by so quickly and before you know it they will be grown. Be sure to celebrate all the milestones along the way to celebrate their young life. Birthdays can bring so much joy to your family’s life. And the first birthday is a milestone that must be celebrated. I have found some of the best first birthday themes boy on the internet. Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite 1st birthday themes boy at the bottom of this page.

First Birthday Themes Boy

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday with a party! Whether you want a large birthday bash, or a small family dinner, either is appropriate for a baby’s first birthday celebration. 

Toys or outfits are the best gifts for 1st birthday. I love getting bath toys for gifts for one-year olds, because kids that age often love the water. 

First birthdays are fun to celebrate because you are celebrating the first year of a child’s life. It is a time family and friends can come together and shower the child with love.

There are many awesome themes for a little boys first birthday. My favorite little boy theme is wild one! It is fun to celebrate with a wild animal themed party. 

Sports First Birthday Themes Boy

Hole in One

If your family loves golfing, then a hole in one party would be fun. If you a member of a golf club, then that is the perfect location for the party. 

Little Slugger

A vintage baseball party is the perfect theme for any baby boy. You can use a general baseball theme, or if your family has a favorite team, decorate the party with the team’s colors. 

Kick up some fun, (Child's Name) is Turning One

If you are looking for 1st birthday themes boy, then you will want to kick up some fun with a soccer themed birthday party. If the birthday boy has older siblings or cousin, they can have some fun while playing a game of soccer. 

First Touchdown

Celebrate your favorite football team with a football 1st birthday. The entire family will enjoy this fun theme. You will need to have a football ready for the kids to throw around. 

One on One

Get ready for a slam dunk with a basketball birthday party. When you decorate get lots of orange and black balloons and streamers for a fun first birthday. 

All About Him First Birthday Themes Boy

Mr. Onederful

For a wonderful little boy, you may want to consider having a Mr. ONEderful birthday party. Bring on the black and gold decorations for a cute birthday celebration. 

One Happy Dude

If you are blessed with a very happy baby, consider having a one happy dude birthday party. Your smiley baby will love the smiley faced themed birthday party. Fill your party space with the giant yellow happy faces! 

One Royal Prince

Let your baby be the prince for the day, with a one royal prince birthday! Fill the room with royal blue and gold party decorations, and don’t forget to buy the birthday boy a crown. 

Water 1st Birthday Themes Boy

One-der the Sea

If your baby loves the water, ONE-der the sea is just the theme you need! Fill the party space with lots of light blue hues to bring on the feel of being underwater. I love bubble garlands and lots of crepe paper hanging down to give the feel of movement, just like the water. 

Fierce One

For those fierce little boys, how about a shark themed party? Blues and greys are the perfect party colors for decorations. 

The Big One

Let loose and hit the waves, with a surfing birthday. This is the perfect birthday to have at the beach on a hot summer day. 

Animal 1st Birthday Themes Boy

Holy Cow I'm One

A baby that loves animals will get a kick of the birthday theme holy cow I’m one! They will love all the highland cow decorations. For decor I’d get alot of brown with a few hints of red, green and tan. You could also throw in some cactus decorations (or maybe even a pinata!)

That's One Big Roar

Let the kids have a roaring good time, with a lion themed birthday party. Enjoy some lion cake pops and capture some photos of the kids roaring.

Science First Birthday Themes Boy

First Launch

Send your party out of this world with a first launch birthday party. This outer space themed party is filled with planets decorations and is a fun theme for any baby.

3, 2, ONE Blast Off

Get ready to blast off with a spaceship themed birthday party. Your little one can shoot for the stars as astronauts during this out of this world party theme.


A dinosaur themed birthday party is a classic party theme for little boys. When I think of a dinosaur themed birthday party I think of orange, green, and blue decorations. 

Fun First birthday Themes Boy

Wild One

Get ready to party in the jungle with a wild one birthday party. Fill the party space with lots of greens and a hint of gold for a stunning party backdrop. Stuffed animals or little animal figurines make the perfect decoration.

My First Rodeo

Giddyap and get ready to celebrate with a my first rodeo themed birthday party. Get out the western birthday party decorations and find that baby a pair of cowboy boots. 

Racing into One

One of my favorite first birthday themes boy is a race car themed birthday party. Get out the checkered flags with some pops of read for fun party. 

Unique First Birthday Themes Boy

Berry First One

For a unique boy birthday throw a blueberry party. Your sweet little boy will be the focus of this berry themed bash. 

If you Moustache, I'm One

Your little man will be the talk of town with a moustache themed first birthday! Don’t forget to get the man of the hour a moustache themed birthday outfit.

Other First Birthday Themes Boy

Vehicle First Birthday Themes Boy

Animal First Birthday Themes Boy


1st birthday themes boy


If you loved these first birthday themes boy, I’d love for you to leave a comment and review!

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