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60 + First Birthday Gift Ideas Boy

1st birthday gift ideas for boys

If you’re searching for some inspiration for a boy first birthday gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many fantastic options available to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences, from educational toys to fun gadgets and everything in between. Some ideas could include a personalized toy or keepsake, a fun and interactive learning toy, a set of soft and cuddly plush animals, or a fun-filled activity center that helps to develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. Whatever age-appropriate gift you choose, make sure it’s something that will bring joy and amusement to the little one as he embarks on his journey of growth and development. So take your time and choose the perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for boys!

First Birthday Gift Ideas Boy:

1st birthday gift ideas for boys trike stroller


Celebrate a little boy’s first birthday with the Breeze Tricycle – a safe and stylish ride with patented safety features, puncture-resistant tires, touch steering, and parent/child control. Available in multiple colors. Get it now for the perfect boy’s first birthday gift idea.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys shape sorter

Shape Sorter

Perfect gift for a special little boy’s first birthday! This shape sorting cube is colorful and fun, great for developing fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Comes with different shapes that fit into corresponding holes. Practical, educational, and aesthetically pleasing with bright colors and fun design.

toddler matching game

Magnetic Fishing Game

Looking for a fun and educational gift for little ones? This wooden magnetic fishing game is perfect! With sea creatures to catch, children will improve cognitive skills while learning numbers and the alphabet. Made with high-quality materials, this toy lasts for years and is a great first birthday gift for boys.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys trampoline

Toddler Trampoline

A toddler trampoline makes a great gift for a little boy’s first birthday. It helps develop gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and promotes social play. Plus, it’s a fun and exciting toy that will bring joy to the child on his special day.

toddler balance stacker

Safari Balance Blocks

These adorable wooden safari balance blocks are the perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for boys! They are expertly crafted with quality materials, have fun animal designs, and can improve hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Perfect for playtime at home or on-the-go, these blocks will be enjoyed for years to come.

toddler dragon cape

Dragon Cape

This handmade dragon cape is perfect for a boy’s 1st birthday gift. It is made with soft crushed velvet fabric with green tones and scales for a realistic dragon look. The foam-lined spikes stand up on their own, and it has a Velcro closure for easy on/off.


one year old balance beam

Balance Beam

Get your toddler a Montessori Balance Beam Set made of quality birch wood. It comes in 2-8 pieces that can be used as a balance beam, board, or stool. It promotes balance, posture, hand-eye coordination.

1 year old busy book

Quiet Book

Handmade felt quiet book for toddler’s 1st birthday. Develops fine motor skills leading to better memory, speech, and intelligence. Available in various page options (4-12) and styles. Personalized with the child’s name and includes removable parts. Hypoallergenic and machine washable.

one year old name hat

Custom Beanie

Get a personalized custom name toddler beanie in beige, black, dark gray, hot pink, light blue, navy, or white! This soft and durable beanie is perfect for colder weather, and your little one will look adorable and trendy with their name laser engraved on it. Give them a unique and cherished 1st birthday gift today!

first birthday gift ideas boy ball popper

Ball Popper

This ball popper toy is the perfect gift for a little boy’s first birthday! It’s fun, engaging, and helps develop important skills like hand-eye coordination. With bright colors and durable features, it’s sure to be a favorite for years to come.

first birthday gift ideas boy barn color matching

Farm Animal Counting

Get a fun and educational 1st birthday gift for boys with a farm animal matching toy. The toy includes finger puppet animals that fit into barns, teaching fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. The barn lids have numbered dots for a learn and match game.

first birthday gift ideas boy i am one book

Scribble Book

Order I Am One: My First Scribble Book to support your child’s artistic development. With 130 blank pages and a compact size, it’s perfect for on-the-go creativity. This hardcover book preserves their artwork. Get it now and turn their doodles into masterpieces.


1 year old race car

Personalized Wooden Car

Looking for special first birthday gift ideas for boys? These wooden toy cars come in 12 diverse and vibrant designs, perfect for any little boy. Crafted from solid wood, these toys can handle rough play. Add a personalized touch with an engraved name on the toy.

toddler rocket ship activity set

Wooden Rocketship

Get the perfect educational and fun toy for your son’s birthday in this Wooden Rocket Shape Sorter. This unique toy promotes hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and problem-solving skills. It has five activities that keep your child entertained. It’s a high-quality, long-lasting toy that makes a great first birthday gift for boys.

ideas for a boy's first birthday dinosaur night light

Dinosaur Nightlight

This adorable personalized dinosaur nightlight is perfect for a boy’s 1st birthday gift. It’s made of sturdy acrylic and can be powered by batteries or a USB adapter. It also comes with a remote control and touch-sensitive button with 16 colors. You can add a free custom engraving of your child’s name.

first birthday gift ideas boy glow in the dark blanket

Glow in the Dark Blanket

Get your special little boy unique and exciting 1st birthday gift ideas for boys with this glow-in-the-dark dinosaur blanket! It’s perfect for snuggling on the couch, keeping warm on chilly evenings, or taking on exciting prehistoric adventures from the comfort of his own bed. With its fun design, it’s sure to become a beloved companion.

first birthday gift ideas boy ride on bull

Bouncing Bull

Buy a soft, durable hopping bull toy with easy inflation and washing. Helps exercise children’s strength and balance with a cute, safe design. Also available in a dog version. Perfect first birthday gift for boys.

first birthday gift ideas boy one shirt

ONE T-Shirt

Celebrate a little boy’s special occasion with this cotton One Shirt, perfect for 1st birthdays. Made with soft material that is machine washable. It’s a fun and useful 1st birthday gift.


ideas for a boy's first birthday name train

Name Train

Get a personalized wooden name train for  1st birthday gift ideas for boys! These train toys are fun to play with and encourage learning. They come in Mint and Navy and make a great keepsake display for the room. The 3″ high alphabet letters attach to one another with a magnet for easy use.

ideas for a boy's first birthday rocker

Climbing Arch

Looking for a unique and safe gift for a 1-year-old boy? Check out this Wooden Climbing Arch! Designed with small steps and rails for hand support, it’s perfect for toddlers to explore their growing bodies in a supervised manner. It’s also eco-friendly and easy to handle.

ideas for a boy's first birthday custom name puzzle

Woodland Animal Puzzle

Get a customizable woodland animal puzzle for your child’s 1st birthday. It improves motor skills, spelling, and hand-eye coordination. Choose from 9 different characters and personalize it with a name board. It’s a safe and fun toy for your child’s development.

first birthday gift ideas boy activity cube

Ocean Activity Cube

Get the Ocean Activity Cube a 7-in-1 baby toy set with spinning gears, sliding beads, colorful shapes, and more, keeping your little one entertained for hours. This set comes with a gift box and ocean book for a special gifting moment. Perfect for birthdays!

ideas for a boy's first birthday car ramp

Bright Car Ramp

Looking for a great gift for a one-year-old boy? Check out this colorful car ramp! It offers hours of fun, encourages important skills, and is built to last.

ideas for a boy's first birthday activity board

Doodle Board

Get a magical drawing board as a 1st birthday gift. It has 4 colors, a special pen, eraser, and 4 cute pattern stamps. It’s portable and adaptable – with removable legs, it can be used as a table or flat on any surface.


ideas for a boy's first birthday custom busy board

Bear Busy Board

Get your child a Bear Busy Board for their first birthday! It’s a fun and customizable wooden stacker designed with the Montessori method to develop cognitive, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. They’ll learn shapes, geometry, and color recognition while playing. It’s a great first birthday gift idea for a boy that will last for years.

ideas for a boy's first birthday custom animal

Animal Musical Box

Get a personalized animal musical box for a 1st birthday gift! Choose from seven cute animals and customize the beech wood box with the child’s name. The music box plays Castle in the Sky and is a charming addition to any room.

ideas for a boy's first birthday custom toy box

Adventure Toy Box

Exquisite, handcrafted toy box featuring a hand-painted reading bear, birch trees, and polka dots. You can customize the interior and choose from three stains. The slow closing hinge keeps little fingers safe, and upholstery adds comfort. This toy box makes a perfect gift for a boy’s first birthday.

ideas for a boy's first birthday whack a frog

Whack a Frog Game

Looking for a great gift for a boy’s first birthday? This Frog Game Toy is perfect! It has 5 fun modes and 45 challenging levels, helping with early childhood development. Kids improve coordination by hitting the light-up frogs, and it has upgraded spray and volume. Stimulate growth and learning with this toy.

ideas for a boy's first birthday flash cards

First Words Box

Smart Baby Box is ideal for 1 year old boys. It includes activity board, books, flashcards, and more. It aids in language development and bonding. Perfect for Montessori learning and brain development. Great gift for parents seeking educational toys.

ideas for a boy's first birthday piano and drum set


This piano drum set is perfect for 1-year-olds to develop their basic musical skills. It’s also portable, thanks to its foldable design. The clear music sounds and volume control make it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Plus, it’s non-slip and easy to wipe clean. Designed for 2 players to promote interaction between parent and child.


toddler tool box

Wood Toolbox

Get a high-quality wooden tool play set for 1st birthday gift. It comes with safe and durable tools for practicing fine motor skills, and can be stored inside a sturdy wooden toolbox after playtime. Get it now and inspire your little one for years to come.

just one more story bookshelf

One More Bookshelf

A charming, personalized bookshelf that makes a great first birthday gift idea for a boy. Its white-painted wood and metal bracket wheels add a unique touch to any playroom or child’s bedroom. Made with natural wood, each box is one-of-a-kind. Add children’s books for added fun and education.

toddler pocket knife

Wooden Play Knife

Looking a fun birthday gift for a little boy? Check out this kid-friendly wooden play knife! It’s durable, stylish, and features a functional locking mechanism for added safety. Personalize it with your child’s name for a special touch. This 3.5″ pocket knife extends to 6″ for plenty of imaginative playtime.

one year old knife and cutting board

Knife & Cutting Board

Give an eco-friendly beech wood knife & cutting board set as a first birthday gift for a little boy. Coated with eco flax oil, it’s safe & healthy. This toddler-sized set is fully functional, letting kids learn food preparation. Easy to use, even for beginners.

toddler archery set

Wooden Archery Set

Looking for a unique gift for a little boy’s special day? Check out this Wooden Bow and Arrows Set! Personalize the bow with your choice of wood and add arrows and a quiver for an extra cost. Don’t miss out on this fun and educational opportunity!

1 year old vehicle travel pouch

Toy Travel Bag

This toy travel bag is the perfect gift for a little boy’s 1st birthday celebration! Six handy sleeves keep toys organized and easy to find. When opened, it transforms into a road-patterned play mat for hours of fun. Made from soft, durable, and portable cotton. Give your child the gift of endless fun and organization with our fantastic toy travel bag today!


ideas for a boy's first birthday dinosaur set

Dinosaur Playmat

A convenient dinosaur playmat and storage bag – a perfect gift for any one-year-old child. It features nine unique and intricately designed dinosaur vehicles and doubles as a convenient storage bag. Embark on an exciting prehistoric journey with your child today!

ideas for a boy's first birthday activity cube

Wooden Activity Cube

Looking for the perfect gift for a one-year-old boy? Check out this wooden activity cube! It’s 5 toys in 1, including a bead maze, abacus, spinning gears, clock, and shape sorter. Made of safe, durable materials, it’s perfect for playtime at home or on-the-go.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys vehicle set

Soft Vehicle Set

Perfect set for 1-year-old boys! Includes a colorful road playmat that doubles as a carry bag and 7 soft plush vehicles. Safe for toddlers with no small parts, and machine washable.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys guitar

Kids Guitar

Check out this interactive kids’ guitar for a great gift idea for a 1-year-old. It has rhythm lights, various sounds and four play modes: Normal, Song, Instrument, and Tune. Infrared sensing lets kids play it like a real guitar with flashing lights that react to the music. Connect a microphone for a fun, dynamic musical experience.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys gadgets set

Kids Tech Set

Kidz Delight Tech Set Trio: The perfect gift for your child’s 1st birthday! It offers vibrant colors, sound effects, and musical tunes for entertainment and education. The set includes a remote control with four game modes, cellphone, and keys for imaginative play, and teaches numbers in multiple languages.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys spinning toy

Letter Go Round

Give your child an unforgettable day with LeapFrog Letter-Go-Round. With three modes, it teaches letters, numbers, colors, and animal sounds. It features flashing lights and catchy music. Tap the top of the wheel to hear colors and numbers up to 10.


1st birthday gift ideas for boys basket ball hoop

Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop is a great gift for a little boy’s first birthday. It provides entertainment, helps develop motor skills, and is durable. This hoop is the perfect size for young children and has a vibrant, playful design that kids will enjoy. Parents and children alike will appreciate this excellent gift choice.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys story night light

Storybook Torch

This creative picture projector is perfect for bedtime storytelling or playtime. With 4 themes and 32 unique pictures, it rotates scenes for endless imaginative play. Great as a first birthday gift!

1st birthday gift ideas for boys dump truck

Dump Truck

Surprise a little boy with a durable and dump truck that promises hours of entertainment as he plays with it on his first birthday. Get this memorable gift now!

first birthday gift ideas boy ocean puzzle

Waves Puzzle

This wooden waves puzzle offers hours of fun, versatile play and can be stacked for imaginative ocean playscapes. Handcrafted from high-quality beech wood, eco-friendly painted and varnished, it’s a durable toy that will last for generations.

first birthday gift ideas boy robot gears

Robot Gear Toy

This toy is both fun and educational, designed to develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Made of high-quality materials, it will last a long time and provide endless hours of entertainment. A great addition to any child’s toy collection!

1st birthday gift ideas for boys dinosaur lacing card

Dinosaur Lacing Toy

Get this wooden lacing dinosaur! It’s educational, fun, and handmade from solid eco-friendly wood. The toy improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with its challenging shoelace threading. It’s also durable and long-lasting. Making it the perfect first birthday gift ideas boy.


one year old car

Ride on Cart

Get the Side-by-Side push car for your little ones! It’s a dual-seater SUV with realistic features, safety belts, and easy-steer wheels. Perfect for families with two toddlers or playdates with friends. It also has pockets and a canopy for shade, easily disassembles for trunk storage.

1 year old slide


Get the Step2 Woodland Climber for a fun and developmental boys’ first birthday gift! This indoor/outdoor playset lets little ones crawl, climb, slide, and steer for hours of entertainment. It’s durable enough to handle the elements.

1 year old drink travel set

Cup & Bowl Gift Set

Give a spill-resistant toddler cup and bowl set with Snack Catcher and Miracle Sippy Cup as a gift for a boy’s first birthday. It’s suitable for home, daycare, or on-the-go use, and helps prevent mess by containing crumbs and leaks. The set is gift-ready.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys fishin kit

Wooden Fishing Toy

This wooden beading fishing set is a great 1st birthday gift that improves manual skills and creativity. The set includes a fishing bag, rod, string, floats, hooks, leads, fishes, corns, and baits. The bag’s adjustable strap allows little ones to carry it easily.

1st birthday gift ideas for boys custom dinosaur book

Personalized Dino Book

Get a personalized dinosaur book for your child’s 1st birthday! Each page is customized with your child’s name and avatar. It’s both fun and educational, with a rhyming story and captivating illustrations. The book has 26 fully illustrated pages, perfect for small hands. Give your child a gift they’ll treasure for years to come!

1st birthday gift ideas for boys toddler trike stroller

Stroller Trike

Get the perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for boys: a stroller trike with advanced features like smarTrike’s one-handed steering, front wheel shock absorber, and folding mechanism. It grows with your child and is a smart investment that they’ll love for years to come!


crawling crab one year old

Crawling Crab

XDR’s Crawling Crab Toy is a safe and interactive toy that helps develop motor skills in little ones. It features cheerful music and lights to catch their attention, promotes physical and mental growth, and is easy for little hands to hold.

first birthday gift ideas boy dinosaur rocker

Dinosaur Rocker

Get the perfect first birthday gift ideas boy! The Dino Rocker is a sturdy, high-quality wooden rocker with a soft, plush dinosaur that has a spiked tail. It will transport your child back in time and become their favorite playtime companion. Give your little adventurer the gift of endless fun.

first birthday gift ideas boy rocket ship stacker

Rocket Stacker Toy

The magnetic rocket stacker toy is a great gift for a 1-year-old boy. It promotes motor, color, and cause-and-effect skills, making learning enjoyable. The set has 7 wooden pieces and a sturdy base to build a rocket. It helps spark creativity and imagination, making it perfect for curious kids. Get this fantastic toy for your child and encourage exploration and discovery!

first birthday gift ideas boy sloth stuffed animal

Warming Sloth Stuffy

Sloth Warmies stuffed animals are the perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for boys. This cute toy is microwaveable, scented with real dried lavender, and provides warmth and comfort to aid sleep and ease anxiety. It’s great for all ages and can be cooled in the freezer for a refreshing relief. Its perfectly weighted design makes it an ideal gift.

first birthday gift ideas boy car and camper toy

Camper Pull Toy

Great birthday gift for a camping boy! Vintage Road Trip pull toy with woody station wagon and airstream camper. Packaged in full-color box, toy measures 6.6″ x 2″ for the station wagon and 4″ x 4.7″ for the camper. Perfect for adventurous families.

first birthday gift ideas boy ocean animals

Wooden Marine Animals Set

Get this wooden ocean animal set for your little boy’s first birthday! This set is eco-friendly and includes ten hand-painted marine creatures, perfect for your toddler to play with and learn about marine life. Order now for a unique and joyous birthday gift!

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60 + First Birthday Gift Ideas Boy

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