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facebook mom groups

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Being in a community of people that support you is very important when raising children. And Facebook and other social media platforms have made finding that community so much easier! I hope you are able to find the perfect Facebook group for moms, and that you find your people.

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facebook group for moms

General Support Groups - Facebook Group for Moms

Mom of Girls is all about being moms of girls! It is a safe place to come together and ask questions and get support.  The moms also like to share hairstyle ideas, activities, and all things little girls. The group currently has 1.4k members, so it is still small enough where your posts will get seen, and large enough where you can your questions answered. Mom of Girls is a private group. 

Moms Encouraging Moms is a Faith-based group centered around advice about parenting, travel, cooking and decorating. This is a private group that currently has 8.1k group members. 

Mom2Mom is a support group offing support and advice. All women are welcome, whether you are trying to conceive, expecting, adoptive, step, bio, foster. This is a private group with 28.1k members

Moms Daily is a group for moms from all walks of life: new moms, moms for years, stepmoms, canna moms, trying to become a mom, or anything in between. It is a group for laughing crying, ranting bragging, and asking questions. This is a private group with 19.4k members. 

Moms Helping Moms is made for moms new and old. It is open to people posting what works for them, what doesn’t work and for people that are looking for advice, help and guidance. It is a private group with 17.7k members

facebook mom groups

Kids Activity Ideas - Facebook Group for Moms

Fun Family Ideas is the group to join if you are looking for activities to do as a family. You will find game ideas, arts & crafts, baking and everything that you can do as a family. It is also a place to share your family bonding ideas, and what has and hasn’t worked for your family. 

Kids Crafts & DIYs is a group to find new crafts and DIY projects for kids. We encourage you to share some of the crafts projects your kids have done. This group is for sharing crafts & DIYs for babies to teens. Group members have shared handprint art, bracelet making, perler bead projects and so much more!

Kids Art, Craft and Activity Ideas is a group to find and share kids’ activities. There are science experiments, paper crafts, and holiday craft ideas. 

STEM Kids features exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities for kids. Share your projects and get some new ideas of your own. 

Paper Crafts for Kids is a group packed full of a variety of paper crafts for kids! 3-D paper art, painting on paper, paper weaving, and more!

facebook group for moms

Family Cooking Groups

Family Friendly Recipes is the place to find recipes that children love to eat. The focus is on making food an enjoyable experience for the whole family. There are recipes for monkey bread, pizza grilled cheese, and dinosaur pudding. 

Recipes I Love features all the recipes people love to eat. Share and find family favorite recipes. Some of the best recipes include edible cookie dough, Jello cookies, mushroom ravioli, and roast beef sliders. 

Easy Family Recipes is a worldwide group where group-members share recipes, pictures and preparation ideas. It features a wide array of recipes for you to enjoy. 

Recipes For Family is a group filled with recipes from dinner to dessert! There are also engaging questions to get you thinking about what your family prefers to eat. 

Toddler & Baby Meal Ideas Is an Australian based group that shares recipes and photos for baby and toddler meal ideas. It is especially helpful when your little one is a picky eater or you need some extra support for special meal ideas.

facebook mom groups

Crafting & DIY Ideas

Craft, DIY & Repurposing is a place to find your next craft project or share what you have made. This group focuses on anything crafty and DIY. Any crafts accepted including paper crafts, resin, woodworking, recycling crafts and so much more. Some of the best craft projects are found here!

Home, Garden & DIY is perfect if you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty! Share some of the projects you have done around your house and garden. There are some amazing garden projects, DIY home decor, and household tips and tricks shared here. 

Crafty, Fun Group is for people interested in crafty and DIY things, those are the group’s main rules! You will find lots of crafty ideas, and questions that people asked related to their crafts and DIY’s.

Homemaking Tips is a place for things that make home management easier. From homemaking tips and hacks, homemaking inspiration, organization, organizing tips, cleaning tips, cleaning schedules, cleaning hacks, cleaning routines, and cooking tips, to printables. 

Crafts, Crafts, and More Crafts is for sharing craft ideas. You may post your crafts for sale and sell craft supplies. There are many great crafts ideas here!

facebook group for moms

Holidays & Birthdays

Birthday, Holiday and Special Occasions is the place to celebrate all the special days in your life! Find recipes, ideas, and crafts for every holiday, birthday, and any other special event. Feel free to share your ideas as well!

Holiday Crafting is for sharing your holiday crafts, decorations, cards, presents, etc!! Find crafts for Easter, Christmas, and any holiday in between!

I Love Christmas All Year Long is a very active group all year long! It is a place where Christmas lovers group together and celebrate Christmas every day of the year. 

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