Fabric Twine

fabric rope

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Fabric twine or fabric rope is so easy to make and can be used from your leftover scrap fabric. So if you are looking for a new fun project think about spinning fabric scraps into yarn. 

You can vary the width of your twine by changing up the width of your fabric strips. Also create different colored twine depending on your fabric scraps. 

Do you love the look of fabric twine but don’t want to make it yourself? Etsy has fabric twine for sale. I love the look of this twine and this twine. So check them out!

Etsy Finds - Fabric Rope

Love Spinning Fabric Scraps Into Yarn? Make These Fabric Twine Projects!

Fabric Twine


  • Cotton Fabric
  • Scissors (I love these)
  • Ruler 

Fabric Twine Directions

Cut 1-inch slits at the top of your cotton fabric. I used a ruler to measure because you want your strips to be roughly the same width. After the slits are cut, you can then rip the rest of the length of the fabric to get the strips. 

fabric twine

Take two of the fabric strips and tie a knot towards the top of the two strips. Leave an inch or two at the end. 

The two strips of fabric should not be the same length. 

fabric twine

Put the knot under something heavy to hold it down. (or you could tie it to a door knob.) Take one of the strips and turn it to the LEFT. Keep turning to the left until you get an inch or two down. 

fabric rope

Take the second strip and twist to the LEFT several inches. 

spinning fabric sraps into yarn

Turn both strips to the RIGHT over top of each other. 

Keep doing the previous three steps until you reach close to the end of one of your strips. 

spinning fabric scraps into yarn

Cut a slit in the end of the strip you are working on. 

Also take a new strip of fabric and cut slits into both ends of it.

fabric rope

This part is hard to explain, so it may be easier to look at the photos. But it really is quite easy once you get the hang of it. 

Put the new strip through the slit in the old strip.

Feed the tail end of the new strip through the slit on the top of the new strip

Pull the new strand tight. And go back to making your twine.

Keep going with this process until you get the length needed for your project. 

This photo features 3 different widths of fabric twine. The fabric rope in the back was made using 4-inch strips of fabric, which would be perfect for making a rug. The ball of fabric twine on the left was made using 2-inch strips of fabric. And the ball on the right is the fabric rope I made in this tutorial. 

fabric twine

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