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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Birthday Party Decoration Ideas – FREE Printable Straw Toppers

Need a little extra kick to your ice cream birthday party decoration ideas? Print off these ice cream straw toppers and add them to a fun straw. They are cheap ice cream parlor party decorations.

These can also be used as cupcake toppers, just add a tooth pick to each circle and then insert it into your cupcake.

FREE Pin the Sprinkles on the Ice Cream – Ice Cream Birthday Party Games

Need ice cream birthday party games to keep your party guests occupied for a bit? You have come to the right place! Print off Pin the Sprinkles on the Ice Cream for a quick and easy birthday party game. I hope you enjoy the ice cream-themed birthday party ideas.

FREE Frozen Treats Summer Word Search

This would be the perfect activity for a ice cream-themed birthday party. Print a copy of the frozen treats summer word search for each of the guests. If you want you can time the guests and see who can complete the word find first. I hope you enjoy this word search summer treats. Happy word hunting!

FREE Ice Cream Water Bottle Labels: Ice Cream Parlor Party Decorations

Needing to spruce up your ice cream-themed birthday party with a little extra ice cream parlor party decorations? Print off these free ice cream water bottle wrappers and wrap them around your water bottles. A cost-effective way to add a little extra decoration for your child’s amazing birthday bash! I hope you enjoy these free ice cream birthday party decoration ideas!

FREE Ice Cream Thank You Cards Printable

These ice cream thank you cards, are a quick and easy way to say thank you to all your party guests. These cards will print two on a page and when cut out will be 5×7. I left a space on the front of the card for you to write your special message to the recipient. These would be perfect one yar old birthday thank you notes.

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