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Elephant-Themed Birthday Decorations – FREE Printable Straw Toppers

Need a little extra kick to your elephant themed birthday decorations? Print off these elephant straw toppers and add them to a fun straw. It is a cheap and instant party decoration.

These can also be used as cupcake toppers, just add a tooth pick to each circle and then insert it into your cupcake. I hope you enjoy these free baby elephant themed birthday party straw toppers!

Hide and Seek Word Puzzles – FREE Elephant Word Search

This would be the perfect activity for a elephant themed birthday party. Print a copy of the elephant hide and seek word puzzles for each of the guest. If you want you can time the guests and see who can complete the word find first. Happy word hunting!

Elephant-Themed Thank You Cards FREE Printable

These elephant themed thank you cards, are a quick and easy way to say thank you to all your party guests. These cards will print two on a page and when cut out will be 5×7. I left a space on the front of the card for you to write your special message to the recipient. These would be perfect for a birthday party or an elephant baby shower thank you.

Elephant Invitations – FREE Printable Birthday Invite

Looking for a way to make your upcoming celebration extra special and memorable? If so, let us help you add some unique flair with our free printable pink elephant birthday party invitations! These invitations are too cute not to share. 

Printable Elephant Coloring Pages -Ten FREE Pages

Welcome to our elephant-themed coloring pages download! We are thrilled to present to you this collection of ten printable elephant coloring pages that are sure to keep you or your little ones occupied for hours. Our coloring pages are not only great for rainy days, but they also make for an awesome choice of activity for an elephant-themed birthday party.

Elephant Bingo – Free Printable Elephant Game

Welcome to our amazing elephant bingo game! Whether you’re planning a party or just looking for a fun and educational activity, our printable bingo cards are perfect for entertaining kids. We understand that it can be daunting to plan a party, so we have made things easier for you with this FREE printable bingo card. All you have to do is print out the bingo cards and calling cards, and you’re ready to go!

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