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diy party favors

DIY Party Favors

Save a little money on an upcoming birthday with these DIY party favors ideas. Whether you need first birthday party favors or something for teenagers, you are sure to find the perfect DIY party favors for any guest.

crochet accessories

Best Gifts For The Crocheter In Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for the crocheter in you life? Then you must check out our crochet accessories gift guide! You will find the most sought-after crocheter items. We have everything from handspun yarn to crocheter coffee cups. So keep your loved one surrounded by things that will keep their fingers stitching and their hearts happy. 

fabric rope

Fabric Twine

Fabric twine or fabric rope is so easy to make and can be used from your leftover scrap fabric. So if you are looking for a new fun project think about spinning fabric scraps into yarn.

You can vary the width of your twine by changing up the width of your fabric strips. Also create different colored twine depending on your fabric scraps.

angel bookmark

Angel Bookmark: FREE Print at home Angel Bookmark

Come on over and print off this free angel bookmark. Her angel wings will help you hold your place in your book! These beautiful angels are full-color bookmarks! Advantages Of Using Bookmarks For Books: I love using a bookmark in books instead of folding over the book pages. I like to keep my book pages neat for the next reader. Bookmarks are also perfect for marking the stopping point in a book. I tend to get lost in a book. Placing the bookmark at a predetermined location reminds me to stop re