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Updated: Mar 17

We love family game nights at our house! It is so nice to put all the electronics down and put work and school to the side and just spend some good quality time with the kids.

My family has many favorites, some are newer but we still love the classics. At times it can be hard to find games that my girls will both like. I think it is the age gap, 8 and 14.

So I have included games that my kids love or games that I want to try with them and have not yet had the opportunity to try out.

Typically on family game nights, we like to make tacos or pizza. But after the games, the girls think they need a bowl of ice cream!

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What Do You Meme? Family Edition

Get ready to laugh during the hilarious game What Do You Meme? Family Edition. Compete with your family to create the funniest memes. Use the funny photo cards and match them up with the caption cards, ex. "when you are washing the dishes and touch soggy food." The judge of the round will choose who has made the best meme.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up


Spontuneous is for all the music-loving families out there! Everyone writes down several words on their hit list. When it is your turn, say a word from your list. The first person to sing part of a song with that word moves on the game board.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Beat That!

Get up and moving with the wacky challenge game Beat That! Challenge friends and family to some of the 160 challenges contained in this game. Some challenges include bouncing two palls into two cups at the same time using only one hand and stacking a pyramid of cups with your elbows, while your eyes are closed!

Recommended ages:9 years old and up


Monopoly is my all-time family game. I have fond memories of playing with my dad and sister when I was younger. I think it is one of those classic games that will never go out of style. And they have all sorts of new additions, they even sell one based on my hometown!

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Cover Your Assets

Race to be the first millionaire in the card game Cover Your Assets. Players will become millionaires by matching pairs of asset cards. But your assets can be taken away by other players, so watch out!

Recommended ages: 7 years old and up


Set is a fast-paced card game where you use the cards to find sets of three cards that match in multiple ways. Although it sounds very easy, it is quite challenging!

Recommended ages: 6 years old and up

Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity is a funny card game that has question and answer cards. Each round a question is asked and whoever has the best answer card wins the round.

Recommended ages: Ages 6-12

Family Feud

Play the Family Feud card game, based on the popular TV show. Each card has a survey question and players try to guess the most popular answers.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Double Ditto

Double Ditto is a quick-thinking and matching card game. A player picks a card and then reads it out loud. Each player then quickly writes down two answers and tries to match the answers of other players.

Recommended ages: 10 years old and up

Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is a hilarious fill in the answer card game. Each player gets ten answer cards. Each round a question card is asked, and the funniest answer of the round wins.

Recommended ages: 10 years old and up

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is a dodgeball board game. While playing the game you try to collect matching sets of cards faster than the other players, while trying to dodge and throw the burritos.

Recommended ages: 7 years old and up

I Should Have Known That!

I Should Have Known That! is a fast-paced trivia game, with questions that you should know the answer to. In this game, you don't win points, you can only lose them.

Recommended ages: 14 years old and up

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a strategic game based on exploding kittens. Each player takes turns drawing cards from the table until they explode and you are out of the game. But there are strategy cards in the deck to help you avoid this!

Recommended ages: 7 years old and up

Watch Ya' Mouth

Watch Ya' Mouth is a hilarious game where players put a mouthpiece in their mouth and then say phrases. The other players have to try to guess what they are saying.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up


Use your building strategy in Jenga. Players must take one block from the tower and place it on top while trying not to topple over the entire tower.

Recommended ages: 6 years old and up

Taco vs Burrito

Taco vs Burrito is a card game that was created by a seven-year old boy. Players battle their food cards in this strategic game.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

A Game of Cat & Mouth

In A Game of Cat & Mouth the box turns into the game board. Players fling orbs through the cat's mouth using a magnetic cat paw. It is sure to be fun for all ages.

Recommended ages: 7 years old and up

Poo Pocalypse

Battle to become Poo King in the card game Poo Pocalypse. This game was created by comedians and features poo puns and silly cards. Your whole family will be sure to laugh out loud while playing.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Grounded For Life!

Compete to make the funniest sentences in Grounded For Life! Pair the red and blue cards each round to make the funniest combo. Ex. Blue Card: Ugh, Mom! No one cares about____. Red Card: Dad's morning breath.

Recommended ages:12 years old and up

Incohearent Family

Compete to guess the gibberish in Incohearent Family Edition. The judge for each round shows everyone a gibberish phrase. Players race to decode the gibberish phrase first while trying to beat the timer.

Recommended ages: 12 years old and up

Pusheen The Cat

Pusheen The Cat is a perrrfect game for all of you cat lovers out there! Go around the game board collecting essentials like friends and items. As you go around the board collect stars to win the game.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up


In Sequence players lay down a card in their hand and then place a chip on the board. Get five chips in a row and you have a sequence.

Recommended ages: 7 years old and up


With the classic game Yahtzee, players roll the dice and try to get the highest amount of points on their scoreboard.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition includes 600 fill-in-the-blank cards packed with potty humor. Each round a player asks the group a question and then players answer it with their funniest card.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up

Not Parent Approved

In the card game, Not Parent Approved the burp boss asks a question and then players turn in a card. The wackiest card is chosen by the burp boss to determine the winner.

Recommended ages: 8 years old and up



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