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1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

first birthday gift ideas girl

Searching for the perfect can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the perfect present for a special baby girl celebrating their first birthday. I have put together a diverse collection of 1st birthday gift ideas for girls that are guaranteed to bring joy to every little princess out there. From outdoor toys that encourage physical activity and exploration, to baby dolls that provide comfort and companionship, I have carefully selected a range of first birthday gift ideas girl that cater to a variety of interests and preferences. So whether you’re looking for something educational, entertaining, or simply adorable, I have something that is sure to make your shopping experience hassle-free and your chosen first birthday gifts girl one that will be cherished for years to come.

Searching for the perfect can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the perfect present for a special baby girl celebrating their first birthday. I have put together a diverse collection of 1st birthday gift ideas for girls that are guaranteed to bring joy to every little princess out there. 

1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls:

one year old tricycle stroller


Invest in a versatile and adjustable tricycle that will grow alongside your child, providing years of fun memories and convenient strolls. This long-lasting tricycle eliminates the need to purchase new ones every few months, making it a valuable asset to your family. Enjoy long walks with your children as they peddle and you push the tricycle effortlessly along.

toddler cat chair

Cat Chair

Perfect toddler-sized chair with playful cat ears and an adorable face to add whimsy to their playroom. It provides comfort and support, encouraging exploration and play. The chair is constructed from durable materials that can withstand everyday toddler life, making it a delightful gift for your little princess.

one year old braided headband

Braided Headband

For a great first birthday gifts girl, try an adorable braided headband made from super soft nylon material. It’s comfortable, durable and comes in 30 different color options to match any little girl’s style. And, it’s affordable for anyone looking for the perfect present to celebrate this special day.

one year old fairy dress

Butterfly Fairy Dress

This princess-fairy dress is perfect for any special occasion or day of dress-up fun. With butterfly wings on the back, it’s both delicate and charming. High-quality materials ensure it’s a lasting favorite, letting your child’s imagination soar as she twirls and dances around in her very own fairy tale. Treat your little girl like royalty and let her shine in this enchanting dress.

one year old name unicorn chair

Unicorn Chair

Looking for special first birthday gift ideas girl? Check out this personalized pink unicorn chair! Cozy and unique, it’s perfect for a little princess to snuggle in. Order now to make her birthday unforgettable!

one year old name bracelet

Toddler Bracelet

These personalized hand-stamped bracelets make safe and lasting keepsake gifts for one-year-olds. Made of sterling silver with various customization options, these bracelets are perfect for your own child or as a special gift. Order now to create a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.


1 year old bow headband

Knotted Headband

Choose from 16 beautiful shades of this cozy cable knit nylon head wrap to add a pop of color to any outfit! The soft and stretchy material fits snugly without irritation. Elevate their fashion game today!

1 year old dinosaur dress

Dinosaur Dress

This dress combines style and comfort with its three tiers of fluffy chiffon and cute graphics of prehistoric creatures. The high-quality fabrics make it comfortable to wear all day, and it can be dressed up or down with a denim jacket or leggings for an extra touch of style.

toddler princess matching game

Princess Matching Game

Get the Princess-themed matching game now! The wooden circular pieces come with princesses and promote cognitive skills and group play. The drawstring storage bag keeps everything organized and accessible for hours of fun.

cat purse for toddlers

Kitty Purse

Get your little ones the perfect gift, a toddler-sized kitty purse! Made of genuine leather, this stylish and durable purse is perfect for carrying their belongings around. A larger size is also available for older siblings who want to match. Get it now and make your kids proud as they carry their treasures in their very own kitty purse just like their big brother or sister. The perfect gift to be cherished for years to come!

dog carrier interactive toy

Pet Learning Carrier

The ultimate pet-loving playset is here! With over 100 songs to choose from, your child will enjoy singing and dancing with their puppy for hours. Not only will they have fun, but they’ll also learn responsibility and empathy as they care for their furry friend. The carrier is easy to transport with easy-to-grip handles, and the soft plush puppy is perfect for snuggling. Get ready for endless entertainment and fun learning!

dancing cow toy

Cow Music Toy

An adorable dancing and blinking cow that encourages gross motor skills and musical appreciation. With rhythmic movements, delightful tunes, and a cute bovine design, it’s perfect for playtime. Join in on the fun and get hours of entertainment with this charming companion!


Spinning Stacking Toy

This spinning toy is made with high-quality materials for durability. Its colorful disks spin on the base, creating patterns and shapes that teach young children about colors and spatial awareness. The rich visual experience will engage and stimulate their minds, providing valuable lessons for a lifetime of learning.

hide and seek monkey toy

Hide and Seek Monkey

This stuffed monkey can play peek-a-boo with the little one. It’s hands and eyes have magnetics to hold the hands in the peek-a-boo position.

pipes bathtub toy

Pipes Bath Toy

Make bath time an adventure with these bath pipes! Unique patterns and sounds are created as water flows through the specially designed pipes. The spout turns water into a playful stream with just one pour, making for an exciting and explorative experience for your child.

silicone sippy cups for toddler

Silicone Sippy Cup

These no-spill sippy cups can be customized with an engraved icon and the child’s name. Choose from a variety of cup color options for this 7 oz toddler training cup. 

one year old unicorn dress

Pastel Rainbow Dress

For the little girl who loves to dress up, this rainbow dress is the perfect first birthday gift ideas girl. Choose from long, short or no sleeves. 

leather toddler shoes

Leather Shoes

These anti-slip leather shoes are perfect for both everyday wear or to wear with a pretty dress. The handmade shoes with a cute bow come in pink, white, brown, and black. 


toddler doctor kit

Doctor Kit

Every child loves to play doctor, and this set comes with all the pieces need to take care of their special patients. 

talking flash cards for toddlers

Talking Flash Cards

“Widen your child’s vocabulary with this set of talking flashcards. With over 200 word cards, this set offers so much fun!”

interactive crab toy

Catch Me Crab

Have fun trying to catch this runaway crab toy! He is able to change directions when approaching an obstacle. Kids can either run or crawl to try to catch him. 

1 year old unicorn leggings

Sparkly Leggings

Who doesn’t love a set of sparkly rainbow unicorn pants? And the best part is these come in baby to adult sizes so the whole family can have a matching set. 

toddler super hero cape

Superhero Cape

Your little superhero will fall in love with this cape with optional wristbands and belts. Choose whichever letter you would like added for personalized 1st birthday gift ideas for girls. 

custom beach chair for toddler

Monogrammed Beach Chair

Any beachgoer knows that a personalized chair is a must-have! This toddler-sized version comes with a fun matching umbrella for hours of fun in the sun. 


elephant ball popping game

Elephant Ball Popper

This elephant ball popper is a colorful toy that shoots balls into the air for kids to catch. It helps children learn many different skills including hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. And you are sure to get a few giggles out of the kids as well!

first birthday gifts girl toddler bib for girls

Silicone Bibs

If the little girl is “berry sweet’, then get these washable strawberry silicone bibs for your little ones. Easily throw them into the dishwasher after a meal. And the deep pocket catches all the falling food. 

first birthday gifts girl crocodile teeth game

Crocodile Game

Get a good laugh when the crocodile chomps down after pressing the sore tooth! Many hours of fun can be had by playing this simple yet very fun game with the kids. 

name jelly purse

Personalized Jelly Purse

A fun jelly purse that can be personalized with the little girl’s name. She can collect her favorite things out on a walk or store some of her favorite toys in this little purse. 

rabbit table and chairs for toddlers

Rabbit Furniture Set

This rabbit table is the perfect place for any toddler to do their artwork or play with some playdough. The toddler-sized chairs feature bunny ears for the back. 

mermaid dress for one year old

Mermaid Dress

Pretend to be a mermaid princess with this tulle mermaid dress. Whether she wears the dress for her birthday party or just for fun she is sure to love this lavender and aqua creation. 


first birthday gifts girl animal sorting toy

Animal Color Matching

Kids can engage in a colorful learning game with these animal figurines with matching bowls and tongs. It will improve their hand-eye coordination while also learning about colors and animals. 

first birthday gifts girl toddler block game

Baby’s First Game Cube

Teach your little one this easy cube game. Roll the dice and then follow the matching cards directions to play this fun and engaging game together. 

first birthday gifts girl pink semi-trailer toy

Pink Car Carrier Set

Have some fun with this pink car carrier and 4 mini vehicle set. The possibilities are endless while creating their own mini world centered around these fun vehicles. 

first birthday gifts girl whale bathtub toy

Whale Bath Toy

This whale bath toy includes four different accessories. Each of the accessories gives out a different water spray pattern. Kids will have fun changing out the accessories and testing each one out. 

first birthday gift ideas girl toddler bendy toys

Nutty Toys Pop Tubes

Pop Tubes are colorful tubes that make a fun popping sound when pulled. The tubes can also be joined together and shaped to create different shapes and creations. They will provide hours of sensory fun for kids.

first birthday gift ideas girl toddler kitchen sink toy

Color Changing Sink

This pump-powered kitchen sink creates hours of fun for little ones. The accessories change color based on temperature. 


first birthday gift ideas girl cat mermaid stuffed toy

Cat Mermaid Toy

An adorable cat mermaid stuffy that is the perfect first birthday gift ideas girl to cuddle with. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls doll with stroller

Baby with Stroller

Little girls love caring for baby dolls and a baby stroller is a great way to encourage imaginative play while developing nurturing skills and empathy.  Children easily transport and take their dolls on pretend outings like real parents with this set. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls pink ride on car

Pink Ride On Car

The Mercedes G-Wagon can be used as a walker or as a ride-on car. As a beautifully designed luxury car, it includes a realistic steering wheel, horn, music, and built-in storage. 

first birthday gift ideas girl dancing flamingo toy

Dancing Flamingo

This funky music playing flamingo flaps its wings and bats its eyelashes! If your little one loves to dance then this is one of the best first birthday gifts girl.

1st birthday gift ideas for girls pink toddler tractor ride on toy

Ride On Tractor

If you have a little farmer, then these ride-on tractors are the perfect 1st birthday gift ideas for girls. They come in 4 colors and feature a detachable tractor. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls unicorn musical instruments

Unicorn Musical Instruments

Explore making music with this unicorn music set. A variety of musical instruments are included as well as a carrying case. 


first birthday gift ideas girl baby to feed

Baby Alive

Kid’s can take care of their very own baby! The baby alive doll eats food and drinks from her bottle. She will then require a diaper change. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls pink ride on car

Pink Car

Ride around in style in this pink car! It also comes in additional color options. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls rocking hippo

Rocking Hippo

Have some fun with a friend or sibling with this rocking hippo. The hippos’ ears are the handlebars! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun. 

toddler enchanted toys

Magical Creatures

Add fun and whimsy to your child’s playtime with these magical creatures. These stuffed animals inspire imaginative play and allow your child to build fantastical worlds and dream up magical adventures. They can develop their creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills with these three creatures. 

toddler turtle puzzle

Wooden Turtle Puzzle

This turtle-shaped beech-wood puzzle has a unique and smooth design with 17 pieces to engage and challenge your little one. 

one year old blocks

Rock Blocks

Rock blocks provide endless options for creative play. Made from all-natural wood and are all unique in shape. They’re a perfect addition to your playroom or activity space and will keep your kids engaged.


first birthday gift ideas girl doll with unicorn

Baby with Unicorn

A lovely baby doll set that includes a stuffed unicorn and bottle. Kids will love the charming design and colors and can practice feeding and nurturing the doll, playing with the unicorn, and learning about responsibility and love. 

1st birthday gift ideas for girls toddler drum kits

Kids Drumset

This colorful drum set includes a microphone, 3 drum pads (each with its own sound), a stool to sit on, and more! Let them have fun creating their own musical tune.  

1st birthday gift ideas for girls toddler swimming pool

Inflatable Pool

Nothing is better on a hot day than sitting in cool water. This kid-sized inflatable pool is the perfect height to fill with water for a one-year-old. Create lasting memories and beat the heat with this fabulous pool!

1st birthday gift ideas for girls wooden blocks

Wooden Blocks

This colorful wooden block set is perfect for toddlers to play and learn. It includes 100 blocks and a storage bag, which makes clean-up easier. Playing with the blocks helps young children develop their cognitive, social, and motor skills. Get hours of endless play with these blocks.

1st birthday gift ideas for girls interactive snail toy

Interactive Snail

Check out this fun snail toy! It encourages crawling and walking, has vibrant colors and glowing lights to capture your child’s attention, and its moving body helps develop coordination and motor skills. Get it today for an engaging and educational playtime!

1st birthday gift ideas for girls bath crayons

Bath Crayons

Make bathtime fun with bath crayons. Practice making shapes, numbers, letters, or scribbling their own creations. This 10-piece set easily washes off after their creations are made.


toddler custom name book

Personalized Counting Book

Set them in their own personal counting adventure, where they are the star of their own personal counting book. Personalize the character and the name in the book to reflect your child.

one year old camper tent

Camper Playhouse

Bring camping to your living room with this kid-sized camper playhouse. Let them embark on their own camping adventures right at home with this realistic and sturdy playhouse, that comes in either red or blue. 

toddler stroller bike

Stroller Trike

This 5-in-1 stroller trike is designed to change with your child as they grow older. And easily folds up for easy transport. Get your kids outside with this fun outdoor toy.

toddler doll

Baby Doll

Introducing an adorable baby doll with a plush bunny companion and accessories for enhanced playtime. The intricate details and quality materials make it one of the best first birthday gifts girl . 

one year old stacking toy

Stacking Toy

Colorful and safe silicone stacking toys promote children’s cognitive and motor skill development, while also encouraging problem-solving, fine motor skills, creative thinking, and imaginative play. Easy-to-clean surface is convenient for busy parents. Great investment for children’s growth and development.

one year old bunny stuffed animal

Bunny Stuffie 

A charming bunny stuffed doll with an exquisite dress, beautiful detailing, and big floppy ears. This soft plush toy is perfect for snuggling.

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1st Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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