14 Birthday Themes for Girls

rainbow themed birthday cake

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Birthday Party Themes


Have fun with every color of the rainbow! Get some playdough in rainbow colors, and let the kids create. Blow up balloons of all colors to hang on the walls. For food different colored Jello Jigglers and rainbow fruit skewers. Decorate a batch of cupcakes with rainbow-colored frosting. Platesnapkins, and silverware can be in varying colors.

pink balloons for unicorn birthday party

All Pink

Invite the children to come dressed in all pink attire. For decorations think all things pink! Pink streamersballoonscake topper, and pink party favors. Some food ideas include pretzel rods dipped in pink chocolate, pink lemonade, and pink cotton candy. Don’t forget a few vases of pink flowers set around the room.

A mermaid theme is fairly easy to create. You will want to create an underwater feel. You can create a mermaid feel while adding in other creatures of the ocean. For party favors you can make up some clear blue slime, and then put the slime and plastic toy fish into a clear bag. Make up some sandwiches and cut them into ocean shapes. Create some homemade aqua and lavender cupcakes. Mix up some mermaid punch (blue juice, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda.

Unicorn parties are usually pastel rainbow or rainbow-themed. Children can color a unicorn mask for a party activity. Play a few rounds of pin the horn on the unicorn (get your free printable!). The birthday girl should probably have a unicorn horn headband! Have a bowl of mini-colored marshmallows with a tag that reads “unicorn poop”. For a refreshing drink add cotton candy-flavored ice cream and lemon-lime soda (like a root beer float).

Ice Cream

An ice cream sundae bar is a must for this party! Save some time and have the ice cream pre-scooped and refrozen. Include all sorts of toppings to add to the ice cream treats whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate toppings, and all sorts of candies. For a simple decoration make a cone shape out of paper and then add a round balloon on top, to create an ice cream shape. Play a round of pin the sprinkles on the ice cream (similar to pin the tail on the donkey). For party favors put a round piece of cotton candy on an ice cream cone, then put it in a pretty bag with a ribbon.

one year old candle for 1st birthday


Buy up some fairy wings and flower crowns for each child to wear during the party. Make up some homemade toadstool cupcakes, give the frosting a flat smooth appearance with a few round flat candies. For party favors and party activities in one have the children paint up some little wooden fairy or birdhouses. For food put grapes and strawberries on a skewer, on the end put a star-shaped piece of watermelon (to resemble a fairy wand).

Have fun with the party games: bob for apples, ring toss, and pin the flag on the circus tent. For cupcakes decorate the top with a circus animal cookie and some sprinkles. Simple foods work well for this party: pretzels, peanuts, corndogs, popcorn, and cotton candy. Decorations can be stuffed animals, and colorful balloons and streamers.


Each guest will need some butterfly wings to wear during the party. For party favors fill up a sandwich bag with colorful O cereals and then twist a pipe cleaner around the middle, turning it into a butterfly. Decoration ideas are pink and purple balloons and streamers and some butterfly cutouts. Adding a few vases of pastel florals will add to the party day.


This theme is very versatile, you could use it in combination with another theme or all on its own. Consider using donuts stacked up high, instead of a cake. For snacks, I would serve fruit cups, cookies, and small sandwiches. Hot glue fake flowers onto a number cutout (of your child’s age). As party favors give the children seed packets and small pots.


strawberry birthday outfit for 2 year old girl

You will need lots of red, pink and bright green for this party. Decorate red balloons with small white circle stickers for cheap strawberry décor. For food, you could dip strawberries in chocolate, strawberry jelly sandwiches, and strawberry-shaped cookies. Don’t forget the strawberry lemonade! You could play pin the stem on the strawberry.


For a unique birthday party consider a sports theme party. Easy wall decorations can be made using yellow paper plates and drawing red softball lines on them. For food, I would do hot dogs and nachos. You could also make bats from pretzel rods dipped in chocolate. For cupcakes or cake, use yellow frosting. To make it into a softball use red licorice ropes to create softball lines.

This is a newer trend for birthday parties, it can also be combined with cactuses. A cute invitation saying “Join us for a whole llama fun.” To decorate use green balloons with ^ ^ marks and add little pink flowers. Get some little maracas for the kids to dance around with. End the party with some tacos and cactus-shaped cookies.


party balloons for flamingo birthday

For this whimsical woodsy theme, you will need browns with a few pops of bright colors. A log cake with a cute sloth atop would delight any young child. Invite the children by saying “Let’s hang out” with a hanging sloth. You could also make a game similar to ring toss with sloth rings and tree bottles.

Bumble Bee

To have a buzzing good time, find all things yellow and black. Lemonade can be used as a refreshment. Honey comb-shaped cereal and yellow chocolate candies can be made into a trail mix. A few rounds of pin the antennae on the bee can be played. A fun party favor would be honey sticks with a cute saying attached.


sloth birthday party cake

For this backyard party, the kids can be free to have some fun and get energy out! Let the children decorate a pot, and then let them plant a flower in the pot to take home. For a snack, serve up some dirt cups with a gummy worm on the top. Fix up a veggie tray with a little sign that reads “no rabbits.” For an organized activity make up some extra sparkly playdough and give the kids some mini fairies or fake flowers to decorate with.


kids birthday ideas


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