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how to make bracelets

How to Make A Can Top Bracelet – Simple DIY Jewelry

Learn how to make a can top bracelet with these simple DIY directions and step-by-step photographs! We have an argument in our house, please help us settle it! What do you call the cans these tops come on? Are they pop or soda cans? I grew up calling it pop. And everyone else in my

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diy princess party décor

DIY Princess Party Decor – FREE Printable Straw Toppers

Need a little extra kick to your DIY princess party décor? Print off these princess straw toppers and add them to a fun straw. They are cheap princess first birthday decorations.

These can also be used as cupcake toppers, just add a tooth pick to each circle and then insert it into your cupcake.

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circus free cute thank you cards

Free Cute Thank You Cards — Circus-Themed Thank You Notes

These circus-themed free cute thank you cards, are a quick and easy way to say thank you to all your party guests. These cards will print two on a page and when cut out will be 5×7. I left a space on the front of the card for you to write your special message to the recipient. These would make the perfect girl and boy first birthday thank you cards.

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angel bookmark

Angel Bookmark: FREE Print at home Angel Bookmark

Come on over and print off this free angel bookmark. Her angel wings will help you hold your place in your book! These beautiful angels are full-color bookmarks! Advantages Of Using Bookmarks For Books: I love using a bookmark in books instead of folding over the book pages. I like to keep my book pages neat for the next reader. Bookmarks are also perfect for marking the stopping point in a book. I tend to get lost in a book. Placing the bookmark at a predetermined location reminds me to stop re

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